ATTENTION: The children of Cuba desperately need your help. DONATE TODAY.


There is a small town in Cuba called Santa Clara, where children have to walk more than 5 miles to go to school and most of them do it without a single meal all day long. The situation over there is very hard, this kids don’t wear shoes or the proper clothing to avoid getting sick, they must wear the same clothes day after day.

This small town was liberated by Che Guevara, who promises them a better type of life and more work, unfortunately it didn’t happen. Now a days there is a lack of jobs, food and many other essential souvenirs for the everyday life, farmers can’t grow vegetables because they will be stolen by the hungry people and if they do they must sell them in dollars which is over 25 Cuban Pesos which must people can’t afford.

The Cuban government doesn’t want you to know the reality inside the country, this people do need your help, imagine having to walk mile and miles to find food, doctors, clothes and many other goods, this people are living in the worst conditions.

Please make this world a better place to live by donating any amount, that dollar you are going to spent in a coffee might feed one kid all day.